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Cyberspace I.T. Solutions is a small, unique & independent non-profit web hosting provider located in the Philippines. Cyberspace has become not only a place to host a website, but a place to grow and expand online identity.

At Cyberspace, we offer the resources you need to succeed. With state of the art servers, cPanel and WHM software and flexible, generously-sized packages to suit every need, Cyberspace really is second-to-none.

Customer support is of upmost importance to us; all of our packages include unlimited support through our client suite, email support and, unlike many hosts, we can be found on leading social networking websites, where you can interact with us like you would a friend. Offering such support, we aim to keep all clients happy 100% of the time - and if we can't, we'll find out exactly why and put it right the next time.

We're not into sell-yourself speeches, but we genuinely do welcome every new visitor as a friend. If you're still unsure if Cyberspace is the host for you, feel free to drop us a line and we'll happily answer any of your questions.

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Take advantage of our sterling commitment to service when you're ready to introduce yourself to the millions of users online. We would like to hear your feedback soon.

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Here are some common questions about Cyberspace

Find answers to common questions about web hosting and our packages.

Web hosting is a service which allows you to publish your website files or web applications on the Internet for visitors to access by typing your web address into a web browser. Web hosting providers allow you to 'rent' a space on their server, so you can store your website files and provide the bandwidth you need for your visitors to access your website.

Shared Hosting - an entry-level service where multiple websites hosted under one server, each "sharing" the overall resources of the server; this is the typical setup provided by many hosting companies, and it's ideal for most medium-sized websites.

We provide a complete shared hosting product set which has designed for you to start small (e.g. our unlimited web hosting package) and scale-up through, Unlimited Reseller Hosting, WHMCS Reseller Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Server; as your business grows and demand on your website increases.

VPS Hosting - a virtual private server (VPS) is mid-way between shared hosting and a Dedicated Server. You get root-level access to a server, but the overall hardware and computer will be shared amongst other users on the same physical server.

Dedicated Servers - a dedicated server is a hardware solution wholly dedicated to your sole purpose. There are no noisy neighbours, and you have complete access to the server, and it's resources.

We currently accept card payments via PayPal.

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